Car Window Tinting in dubai

Car Window Tinting in Dubai


Car window tinting in Dubai is the best method for keeping your car or 4×4 interiors free from the harsh hot climate effects or heat. System X Car Polish Service is a professional auto tint specialist in Dubai. We rely on advanced car window tinting technology and equipment’s for installing the tint for your car or suv.

The factory or manufacture’s car window glass will not fully block the sun’s UV rays. Prolonged exposure of sun rays can cause damage to skin and fading of upholstery, or cracking of other interior parts of the car or suv. We use only branded car window tints that blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. This will help to keep all passengers protected from UV rays.System X Car Care provides a professional car window tinting in Dubai


Window tint provides varying degrees of relief. Ceramic car window tint is the latest technology film which came recently in the market and can help to cool the surfaces that are normally too hot. Metallized tint is also effective which will also make the car interior cooler. Car dyed Window tint provides heat resistant but doesn’t have the added technology like inside of ceramic or metallized products. Dyed tint will be darker and the cooling or heat rejection is based on the darkness of the film. Our sales adviser can assist you in selecting the right tint material for your car or suv based on your preference.You can choose System X Car Care for Car indow tinting ind

Car window tint protect your eyes from excessive glare and prevents fatigue. It also offer protective view in extreme temperature without the assistance of top-quality sunglasses. Car Window tint makes it difficult for outsiders to view the inside of your vehicle and help to maintain privacy for passengers. Most of the branded tint comes in a different range of charcoal shades to provide various levels of privacy for your car or suv. In Dubai people usually prefers darker car window film to maintain overall privacy. Tint prevents auto glass broken from scattering and not affecting the driver or passengers.

System X Car Polish Service have wide selection of cost effective car window tints with warranty options ranging from 3 year, 5 year or 8 year to enjoy your eye-catching look.  Some people like to choose a clear tint, so it will protect your car or suv with a practically invisible coverage. Our experienced team of experts can install car window tints with the desired perfection and ensure safety and overall protection from harmful sunrays.

Brands Used

  • TeckWrap
  • Hexis
  • 3M
  • Armolan tint
  • STC
  • Avery Dennison
  • Llummar
  • Global Films
  • Xpel Films
  • MotorSheild Pro

Benefits of Car Window Filims

Car Window  Filim has lot of Advantages.

  • Comfortable environment-Car window film can effectively prevent most solar energy and decrease the extreme temperature coming from the sun, giving you a comfortable driving experience.
  • UV resistance- It can reduce harmful UV rays by 99%, protecting you from potential exposure due to the damaging rays. Due to this UV resistance, you can enjoy safe driving experience.
  • Lower risk of breaking windows- Window film gives your window extra protection with a layer. Unfortunately if the window is broken, it will lower the risk of the car window glass being shattered to minimize the chance of hurting the driver or passengers.
  • Heat rejection and saving energy- It is also designed to improve comfortability and reduce energy consumption, which can block solar heat. This will easily balance the temperature inside the car and save air conditioning expenses.
  • Interruption-free- Car window film provides you with perfect clarity without getting affected by the sunlight.

Procedure for Window Tinting 

  • Cleaning the window
  • Installing the film on external side of the window
  • Cutting the edges
  • Applying the same procedure from inside


Starting Price: AED 299

We offer our customers with a wide selection of branded car window tint and our prices ranges from AED 299 to AED 1500.

Installation Time: 1 – 2 hours

Does Your Car Needs WindowTinting?

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