Wheel Rim Repair

Wheel rim repair in Dubai

Wheel Rim Repair in Dubai

System X Car Polish Services is a professional auto detailing and ceramic coating specialist with a range of highly qualified and experienced staff located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Dubai. We offer the best quality Car Detailing services in Dubai that will give your Car or 4×4 a showroom finish. We are specialized in paint correction, ceramic coatings, installation of PPF (paint protection film), Window Tint, Color Wrapping, Sticker, peelable paint and custom design of cars.

We have a professional team specialized in wheel restoration for all brands and models of car or suv. Damaged Rims are easily repaired or refurbished to original condition or can change to any color of your choice. Most of the newly manufactured cars are fitted with alloy wheels and alloy wheel rim is easily damaged due to stones, driving on foot path and potholes on the road.

Wheel Rims are one of the most prominent and eye-catching part of any car or SUV. Painting the wheel rims with matching color will enhance the vehicle’s appearance and give it a different style. The wheel rims also need to  be repainted if the rim paint color has become worn out or scratched in the long run, as it can badly effect the overall appearance of your car.  Wheel Rim Painting can uplift and alter the look of your car or SUV and make it more stylish.

System X Car Polish Services Est performs high quality Alloy Wheel Painting service in our paint booth, where we undertake customized paint jobs and use different rim paint finishes like matte, glossy, semi matte and any paint as per your preference. We also perform alloy wheel rim repair which includes wheel rim fix for bends, cracks, curbs etc. We deliver minor to major alloy wheel rim refurbishments in our studio.  Our highly skilled technician uses high quality wheel rim paint brands and can perform the perfect paint matching for your car or SUV wheels.Our highly skilled technicians use special technology to perform rim repair or alloy wheel repair.


Brake Caliper Painting in Dubai

System X Car Polish Services Est is the best professional brake caliper and car painting specialists in Dubai for all kinds of cars or 4×4.  By applying paint on the brake caliber, it protects and offers effective prevention against rust. It will give also give your car or suv shiny and sporty look and longer life. Whilst painting the brake calipers, our qualified and experienced specialist will ensure to clean and remove the unwanted dirt’s or deposits from the brake caliper and also will polish it to make it smooth surface before applying the fresh coat of brake caliper paint.

Rim Painting600Any Color of choice
Brake Caliper Painting500Any Color of choice

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