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Exterior Car Detailing in Dubai

Over time,your car’s paint will begin to fade and lose its luster and shine. Harsh environmental conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight are the two main culprits .Car Deep cleaning Dubai helps your car to retain new look always.

If left unprotected, your car’s paint will begin to oxidize. Oxidation of paint occurs when moisture is removed from the top layer, resulting in the loss of important oils. If these oils are not replaced, damage will be noticeable and the surface will gradually become dull. Oxidation damage cannot be reversed by car washing. Power Shine by System X Car Care is a proven solution to keep your car shining and shining. Completely care for your car’s exterior and restore the original paint finish to give your car a brand new look.

System x car care provides the professional car deep cleaning in Dubai. System X Car Polish Services Est is an auto detailing expert in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Dubai. We provide luxury Detailing services that will give your car or suv a showroom kind of finish or look. We also provide polishing, paint corrections, paint restoration and paint glazing.we also provides the best services in car polishing Dubai and Car Deep Cleaning Dubai.


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Car Deep Cleaning Dubai

Car Care includes Car Deep Cleaning in Dubai removes the microscopic scratches that can occur on your car when common road grime comes into contact with your paintwork or when you wash your car with a car wash or dirty sponge.Our polishes are sometimes mistaken for common waxes and t-cuts, but unlike our service, these products are simply laid over the paint. Once washed off, the wax (or T-cut) covered scratches reappear, so you’ll need to reapply regularly to keep your car looking shiny.Whoops uses a complete three-step polishing process to gradually reduce the top layer of paint to reveal a new, mark-free surface of paint. In 2-3 hours your car will be like new again with a lasting shine. 

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