Paint Protection Film

Teckwrap Paint Protection Film in Dubai

Teckwrap Paint Protection Film (PPF) acts like an armor for your car or suv by protecting them from daily potential damages. Teckwrap always provides flexible solutions for all your car or SUV needs and also offers different types of PPF made in various materials. System X Car Polish Services is authorized location for the installation of the Teckwrap PPF and Color wrap in Dubai.

Teckwrap paint protection film is always the TPU which can protect your car from damages caused by stone chips, small scratches, splatters, and any minor abrasions which will preventing the car or suv paint from fading and will also increase it prolonging lifespan. Paint Protection film when applied on the car paint brings a significant increase in brightness and will turning it into an outstanding glossy finish.

  • Self Healing
  • Stain Resistant & Non Fading
  • Doesn’t Peel Off by itself
  • Doesn’t Leave Glue when Removed
  • Warranty for 5 years
  • Damage Resistant

PPF 290

Teckwrap PPF290 is a high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) that protects the painted surfaces of your car or SUV. This PPF has excellent properties like high transparency, UV resistance and high gloss. Teckwrap PPF290 also prevent car or SUV from damage caused due to stone chips, daily driving issues and parking scratches. PPF290 is developed by Lubrizol Corporation. Through a weathering test in a value equivalent to nine years, ESTANE®TPU remains excellent in its appearance and physical quality. Teckwrap is an optical and aliphatic film with high durability and performance.

PPF290 is a high-performance aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) that will protects car paint surfaces. The Paint protection film has  excellent  characteristic properties like UV resistance, high glossy and transparency which will prevent the car or suv from damages caused from stone chips and scratches.

Teckwrap is having following series.

  • Gloss PPF290-G75
  • Gloss PPF290-S75
  • Matte PPF290-M75
  • Black Gloss PPF290-BLK


The full Paint Protection Film installation takes around 4-5 working days for car or SUV, this includes preparing the car, doing paint correction, PPF application installation, curing process and finally inspection

Washing with any soap is fine for your car or SUV but we would recommend hand wash only.

We normally ask our customer to come back every year for a usual maintenance of the PPF application. After this time, only a yearly check up/maintenance etc is needed inside our System X Car Polish Services studio.

Yes, some of our of our customer opt for this as it really helps give your car or SUV a hydrophobic effect for easier cleaning. Now most of the latest PPF are self-healing, so no need of Ceramic Coating.

PPF application will provide a protective layer of film to your new car or SUV. After PPF your car or SUV  will look new longer and hence keeping the value of your car high, and an eventual resale price higher.

If the scratch is a minor one, the film will cure due to self-healing properties from the Sun light heat or heat gun.

Putting ceramic coating on the car light will cause problems for applying the PPF or tint or vinyl. This material will not stick properly with the ceramic coating surface, and you should remove the ceramic coating from the lights in order to apply these products. Also make sure you degrease the light before the installation of PPF or tint or vinyl.

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