Peelable Painting

Car Removable Paint in Dubai

Peelable paint has been around in the automotive industry for years, but until now, little effort has been made to bring it to the Dubai consumer market. , revolutionizing the way people keep their cars looking like new with an easy-to-use strippable paint that doesn’t require hours of work in a workshop or application of toxic chemicals. I’m here. Bringing this revolutionary automotive technology to the UAE. 

Whether you choose one of the factory colors or want to customize it in some way, there are always multiple ideas for how your car will look.Customize your car with removable paint One advantage of doing this is that you can easily remove it and replace it with another color at any time.

Some people choose strippable paint because they want their car to stand out from the rest on the road. So if you want to add a little panache while still enjoying easy transitions between different colors, peelable paint is the way to go.Learn more here; keep reading. 

Best Peelable Painting in Dubai

System X Car Polish Services is a professional peelable paint specialist located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Dubai. We provide your desired and perfect color finish for your Car or 4X4, by using the best quality and branded Car peelable paint. We are also specialized in paint correction, ceramic coatings, installation of PPF (paint protection film), Color Wrapping, Sticker, peelable painting and custom design of cars.System X Car Polish Services Est offers high quality painting services in Dubai with a range of highly experienced and qualified staff for all kind of car or suv. We are a Leading Car Peelable Paint Workshop.  Peelable Paint is more preferred by customers compared to vehicle color wrapping, as Peelable Paint is more long-lasting and reliable for any environmental issues or daily driving and require less maintenance. We use only premium branded Peelable Paint in Dubai, and assures you the best quality paint service.Peelable paint has been used in Dubai for many years, but recently the preference for Peelable paint has increased as it gives people the opportunity to give their car a unique look and can change to any color as per your preference.

what is peelable paint?

Peelable Paint is a special paint applied on the top surface of the car paint without removing the existing color paint. Peelable Paint creates a top layer or barrier of existing color paint and we can create a new color without removing existing paint color. It is color less paint which sits on the top layer of the existing paint. Once Peelable Paint is applied, you can give your Car or 4X4 any color of your choice.

Benefits of Peelable paint.

If you prefer to have a unique color to your Car or 4X4 to stand out of the crowd in Dubai, System X Car Polish will help you get that unique color with the help of Peelable Paint. Major benefits of the peelable paint is that you can maintain the value of your car by preserving the original manufactures paint and also the resale value of the car.

Peelable Painting Procedure.

With System X Car Polish Services, it is now possible to renew the color of your car which also provides original color protection. Instead of car painting, this peelable paint will act as coat that can theoretically be peeled off without damaging the painted surface of the car.It is very important to wash the car and clay bar the car to remove any contamination.  After this procedure we make sure there are no dust particles and also completely dry. After the car is completely dry, we properly mask the car so that the paint will not hit unnecessary areas, and we have a proper finishing of our paint. It is also necessary to wipe the car with pre cleaner spray to clean the surface one more time, and we are ready to start preparing the mixture of our peelable paint application which contains 2 to 3 layers of transparent coat and the final color is the color your choice.



The peelable paint coating is created using water based polyurethane which can be sprayed or applied to car or airplane or boats surfaces and can be simply peeled off once dry with proper tools

Peelable paint has heat-resistant up to 200° F.

Peelable is extremely resistant to all environmental elements, including sun exposure, winter etc. It also offers protection against scratches, stone chips and any other environmental hazards.

Yes, Peelable paint will peel off if some surface came out or damaged. Normally peeling of the peelable paint is not possible with hand, only with proper tools.

There are some protective Sprays available which can offer longer protection by spraying it on the peelable paint.

The peelable paint is color less.  After the Peelable Paint is applied on your Car or 4X4 then you can apply any color of your choice on the surface of your car paint.

Peelable paint can lasts from 4 to 5 years based on how the car is maintained or expose to heat etc

After adequate drying of the peelable paint, stickers can be applied on the top of the peelable paint.

Does Your Car Needs Peelable Painting?

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