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System X Car Polish Services offer a full range of Dent repair in Dubai,UAE including interior and exterior body works covering all needs ranging from painting, full-body color changing, denting and chaise alignment for your car or SUV. System X Car Polish Services provides professional and Best denting and painting services in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Dubai, UAE.  We assure you with the best services at highly competitive prices. For any requirements of painting or denting issues, Bring it to our leading Auto Paint Body Shop for premium painting and denting solutions.



Denting & Repair Services in Dubai.

When your car involves with an accident or collision, either it gets damaged or result in paint scratch. Why drive your car with fade, scratch and faint body paint when System X Car Polish Services in Dubai are available? We restore the actual beauty and manufactures look of your car once again.System X Car Polish Services use the latest technology that will make your car paint just look new. Our experienced team of painting professionals rely on the latest technology and equipment to paint your vehicle and give it a perfect shine.System X Car Care provides a Professional Dent repair in Dubai,UAE.

Paintless Dent Removal
We have professional and experienced dent removal technicians to remove the dent without affecting the paint. This can be done if it is a minor dent on any part of the car or 4X4 body. Minor dents can be removed with 1 or 2 hours. If the dent is extensive, we undertake the dent removal process followed by proper painting on the panel or body panel with the same as the body color of your vehicle. We have qualified and experienced technicians with the appropriate equipment, tools and paint finishing products to perform any dent repair with proper standards.
Accident Repair
System X Car Polish Services has experienced and qualified technicians to repair any car accident repair for damaged cars. We invite you to have a look at our portfolio videos, which covers accident repair vehicles, that display our expertise in accident repairs. With the proper equipment and experienced technician, we assist in restoring any vehicle to achieve its original shape, beauty and dimensions.Breakdown Repair System is an advanced and unique technology-rich software that provides an instant and hassle-free repair solution for breakdown vehicles. It offers dealers a complete solution for damaged parts and estimated costs.We have qualified and experienced technicians with the right equipment, tools .
Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheel damages are repaired before powder coating or painting to ensure a smooth finish and long life. Our standard alloy refurbishment is quick and hassle-free. Our highly trained, experienced technicians can rectify any issues with the alloy wheel. We guarantee an excellent result for your alloy wheel rims.Our team provides you a professional services in Dent repair in Dubai,UAE

Bumper Repair.

Call our experienced paint technicians to help restore your vehicle bumper back to its previous condition. We also have  premium bumper repair solutions for all cars and 4×4. We also repaint the bumper to match the color of your car or 4×4.We guarantee an excellent result for your alloy wheel rims and Provides excellent services in Dent repair in Dubai,UAE.

Paint Faided Repair

Did Your Car Paint fade out? We have solution.  Get it done with System X Car Polish Services in Dubai. Your Car’s Paint fades with time due to high climatic condition and to keep it look shining, you simply need to come to System X Car Polish Services in Dubai. We deal with all car brands and make sure that your car obtains a complete glossy and shining look.

Car painting services in Dubai

System X Car Polish Services relies exclusively on reputed brands for rust proofing for your vehicle. The climatic conditions in Dubai can cause extensive corrosion and rust to your car or 4×4. Rustproofing and undercoating of your car can protect it from corrosion from water, chemicals, dirt, debris, and rust. Suppose you have not done rust proofing for your car. In that case, the metal can lose its material strength and permeability to liquids and gases and harm the vehicle’s body—the main advantage of rustproofing is that it will increase the lifespan of your car or 4X4.

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