car detailing in dubai

What is car detailing? What are the benefits of doing car detailing in Dubai?

Many car owners may have heard the term car detailing“, but most of them don’t understand exactly what it means or how it works. Detailing a car at a very basic level means making the vehicle look as “brand new” and possibly “better than new” as possible. However, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what actually goes into the refinement process.Detailing a car is the process of improving the car’s  interior and exterior condition. This includes the most thorough cleaning, hardening to fix minor imperfections such as clear coat scratches, and protection to maintain condition.

Here at System X car  polish services est  we offer a variety of detailing services including  protection of new car, single and multi-step paint corrections and enhancements, car ceramic coating applications and maintenance packages. We also provide a thorough interior car deep cleaning  and exterior cleaning and engine bay detailing.

Services and Car Detailing Packages

Automotive detailers often offer different packages and services to meet the needs of different car owners. Here are some of the most commonly available options.

New car protection : New cars need care to protect them and keep them looking new longer. New car detailing packages often include a thorough cleaning and decontamination, paint protection where necessary, and exterior protection.

Color enhancement : There are varying degrees of paint enhancement packages, some single-step and others multi-step to achieve the most polished mirror-like finish possible.

Car Ceramic coating : This is a type of protection that can be applied to paint, rims and glass. It offers excellent durability up to 5 years, but requires considerable preparation and skill to apply.

Maintenance package : These are designed for a longer lasting “Fresh Detail Look” and include deep cleaning services and a protective refresh.

What is the meaning of car detailing?

Digging a little deeper into the details reveals that they can be broken down into three main areas:

  • Cleaning
  • Enhancement
  • Protection

There are three main choices when it comes to paint protection: waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings.When it comes to paint protection there are three choices waxes,sealents and ceramic coatings.Waxes are usually the least durable but the easiest to apply. Sealers offer a step up in terms of longevity. Finally, ceramic coatings offer the latest in paint protection technology, providing a robust layer of protection that lasts for years.

System X Car polish services est gives some of the most  advanced ceramic coating in Dubai.

  1. System X MAX Ceramic Paint Protection

  2. System X Diamond Ceramic Paint Protection

  3. System X Pro Ceramic Paint Protection

  4. System X Crystal Ceramic Paint Protection

  5. System X Glass

What is the difference between car detailing and washing a car?

Car detailing in Dubai  goes a few steps further than washing. A more thorough and careful cleaning is required to protect the surface from damage during the cleaning process. Detailing also includes a level of protection to maintain the finish and may include remedial processes such as paint retouching.

Where I can go from Here?

If you are looking for professional car detailing in Dubai you can contact System x Car polish est in +9710506432144 and make a good look for your can contact us via emailing


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