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Paint Protection Film is a transparent layer or an invisible film that is specifically made to protect your car or SUV. Paint Protection Film is actually designed to protect the original manufactured paint color and also gives a glossy or matt finish based on the PPF. PPF wraps is a self-healing polyurethane around the car or SUV providing 360-degree protection from all kind of damage from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

Benefits of Paint Protection film in Dubai

Self Healing Properties

Paint protection film surface will self-heal any scratches and swirls automatically, when expose to either heat or heat gun or warm water. This is because this is manufactured using elastomeric polyurethane.


Paint Protection film has a in build formulation that does not allow it to be yellow due to UV exposure, ensuring an almost invisible protection barrier to your vehicle paintwork.

Edge Seal Technology

Due to following the advanced technology in applying the adhesives specified by the manufactured which eliminates lifting and delamination of edges, keeps the PPF surface fully sealed and protected from any contamination or impurities

Prevents Wear & Tear

Paint Protection film is designed to keep your vehicle always in immaculate condition by protecting against sand damage, stone chips, road debris impact, small impact marks and also car park damage such as door dings.

Discoloration & Stain Resistant

Paint Protection film will protect and maintain full clarity even when exposed to some of the harshest chemicals and exposed to desert contaminants of your vehicle which would usually damage your vehicle paint.

Glossy Look

Paint Protection film will give your vehicle a glossy look and clear PPF film is almost undetectable once applied to your vehicle. This not impair your vehicle paintwork.

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