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As an Accredited Installation Centre for System
X Ceramic Paint Protective Coatings in the UAE,
System X Car Polish Services Est. offers the
best ceramic coatings in the industry using
different products of System X Ceramic Paint
Protection. Your car deserves the best and we
guarantee you diamond-like reflection and
incomparable protection.

  • Boeing Approved Ceramic Coating 
  • SGS Tested 

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System X Generation 3 Ceramic Coatings

System X Ceramic is the industry leader in nano-ceramic coating technology. It is a no paint, no wax formula designed to work on all the latest paint finishes.
Permanent 9H ceramic coating with unparalleled paint protection against environmental factors. It provides unachievable levels of slickness, gloss, and chemical resistance.
It is built with long-term quality and durability. System X will keep your car looking better than new as long as you own it.


Protect exterior

Protect your car's exterior from damage and prevent dirt, dust, bugs, salt and tar from sticking to your car's paintwork

High level of protection

A high level of protection avoids costly repairs and damage.It's scratch, UV and temperature resistant so you can save money

Retain Color

The coating retains the vehicle's color without losing its original look or fading. It also enhances the shine and shine of your car paint

chemical resistant

Creates a chemically resistant surface that repels and resists natural acidic contaminants such as salt and dirt.

Hydrophobic Nature

After applying the ceramic coating, its easy to clean and water will flow faster

Glossy Look

Car will be always have a glossy look, bringing the best & glossy appreacinae of your car paint job

Our Packages

System X MAX Ceramic Paint Protection

8 years warranty
Sedan - AED 1600
SUV - AED 1700

System X Diamond Ceramic Paint Protection

6 years warranty
Sedan - AED 1400
SUV - AED 1500

System X PRO Ceramic Paint Protection

5 years warranty
Sedan - AED 1200
SUV - AED 1300

System X Crystal Ceramic Paint Protection

3 years warranty
Sedan - AED 1000
SUV - AED 1100

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Let's Listen what our clients Say

What They Say About Us

Got my Y62 Patrol fully detailed and ceramic coated with jade quartz. The team had a great attention to detail and my car is spotless on the inside and exterior is finished to its original shine, back to showroom condition. Thank you guys. You guys did a fantastic job.

Costumer's Rating
As soon as I bought my new Land Cruiser Prado Adventure, the first thing I did was to take it to 'System X Car Care' for window tinting and Ceramic coating. The clinical perfection and customer friendly service is the foremost aspect to mention about System X. Car was given back on time in a mint condition. I strongly recommend to avail their service if you are planning for Ceramic and tinting.
Nirmal Joseph
Very nice people . Took a polish interior exterior with basic nano ceramic coating and they did a fantastic job !
Srotis Cristian
I am very happy with System X Max ceramic paint protection. Very good staff and will recommend it for any ceramic coating.
salman pt
System X Car Polish did an amazing ceramic coating work on my Audi Q7. I took the System X Diamond Ceramic Paint Protection package. They are authorised installer of System X Ceramic coating in Dubai. I also painted my bumper and didn't see any color difference. I recommend them for Nano ceramic coating or car painting in Dubai.
Freeda D'cruz

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